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  • 690 High Quality instruments for only $25 ($0.03 per instrument!)
  • Special offer: for a limited time, you will get another 950 additional instruments for free (sfz format, compatible with all samplers).
    You get 1640 instruments for only $ 25!
  • Available in 9 formats: Soundfont, Kontakt, Reason, Giga, Sampletank, Sfz, EXS24 (Logic), DirectWave (FL Studio) & wav
  • Compatible with all DAW software: FL Studio, Live, Cubase, LMMs, Mixcraft, GarageBand, Logic…
  • Compatible with all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS…
  • 100% royalty free for any use
  • Inspiring sounds

Choose your format and make the payment (you will receive an email with download links):
You can get all the formats you want with a single donation, just contact us after make the payment.

We now have over 690 instruments classified in these categories:

  • Bass (acoustic, synth…)
  • Classic Grand Piano
  • Drum Machines
  • Electric Piano
  • GM Drum Kits
  • Guitars (nylon, acoustic & steel)
  • Orchestra (winds, brass, strings…)
  • Organs
  • Pads
  • Saxophones
  • Synth Sounds
  • Synth Sounds – Analog
  • World Instruments (Japan, India…)

Full list of instruments included (pdf)

Audio demos

– Orchestral: – Saxophones:
– Guitars: – Electric Pianos:
– Classic Grand Piano: – Synths:


  1. Samiran says:

    Had been using the free VSTs for a while now, and now that I bought it, I have to say that I’ve never found such good quality VST instruments at this insanely cheap rate!

  2. Chris says:

    Extremely impressed with the quality of these instruments. They stand up well against others many times the price.

    Equally impressive is Victor’s quick and friendly support – when you realise you needed them in another format!

    Very happy indeed.

  3. Timothy R Watkins says:

    I just downloaded the soundfont pack can’t wait to hear whats all in it and I can come up with. Thank you for this and all the free plugins homie especially DVS Saxophone!!

  4. Penguindog55 says:

    The Pianos and Orchestral instrument sounds are just as superior as ever.

  5. Vijay kumar says:

    very nice instruments to play.

  6. The Hutch says:

    WOW! .. incredible value! well done… love the Guitar and Sax modules.

  7. Oneiros says:

    I’ve been using the free samples for years, so today I ordered and downloaded the Kontakt pack. There are some very, very nice instruments in there.

    Totally worth it.