Download Free VST instruments


What is DSK Music? is a website about freeware VST instruments.

There is a lot of free instruments on this site, and you can find good high quality multisampled instruments too.

You can download a lot of free stuff at

Who is behind this site?

Hi, my name is Víctor. I’m from Spain. I’m married to the most wonderful wife in the world (Eva), and we are blessed with two precious daughters (Lucía and Alicia). I’m an amateur musician since I was 6 years old, and I’m playing with computers all my life. DSK Music born in 2002 with the intention of providing high quality VST instruments for free to everyone!

Do you have suggestions for DSK Music, or anything else to share? Feel free to contact me, I appreciate your feedback!

Want to help?

If you appreciate you could help in several ways.

  1. Give me feedback so I can improve this website.
  2. Tell your friends about! If you have a website, link to
  3. Help me pay the bills by donating some cash.

Why donate? is a one-man-show, which means it takes quite a bit of time and effort to manage everything. If you appreciate what I am doing here you are more than welcome to donate below through PayPal or credit card. Thanks a bunch!

Also, you can get DSK HQ Instruments, a huge collection of 690 multisampled instruments for only $25 (click here for more info).