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5 great AI Tools for Music Creation: from words to notes!

May 17th, 2023Blog0 Comments »

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fascinating technology that is transforming many fields and industries, including music. AI can help musicians and producers with various aspects of the music-making process, such as composition, sound design, audio editing, and collaboration. AI can also inspire creativity and innovation by generating new musical ideas and sounds that humans might not think of.

There are many AI tools for music creation available online, some of them free and some of them paid. Here are some of the best ones that I recommend you to try:


Soundful: This is an AI music generator that allows creators to generate royalty-free tracks at the click of a button. Users can select a genre, customize their inputs, and create their tracks. The platform also offers high-quality samples for music creators and allows users to monetize their tracks on various platforms. Soundful’s AI never replicates a song that already exists, not even one of its own platform. You can start creating music from over 50 templates of different genres. If you need a custom soundtrack for your next project, Soundful is your solution.
Click here to visit Soundful.


BeatBot: This is an AI song maker that composes short songs based on text prompts. It uses Splash sound loops for music, GPT-3 for lyrics, and AI rappers for vocals. You can create music in different genres like hip-hop, pop, and country, and download the songs in MP4 format. You can also share your songs on social media or use them for your projects. BeatBot is a fun and easy way to experiment with music creation and discover new sounds.
Click here to visit BeatBot.


AIVA: This is an impressive AI music generator that can compose soundtracks for ads, video games, movies, and more. AIVA can learn from different musical genres and styles, and create original compositions based on your preferences. You can also edit and modify the soundtracks with AIVA’s tools.
Click here to visit AIVA.


BandLab SongStarter: This is a free AI-powered idea generator that can help you kickstart your songwriting process. You can choose from three unique compositions, or roll the dice for infinite inspiration. You can also pick a vibe that suits your mood, and then open the MIDI directly in BandLab’s Studio to work on it further.
Click here to visit BandLab SongStarter.


Boomy: This is a fun and creative AI music generator that can help you make original songs in seconds. You can choose from different genres and styles, and let Boomy create songs for you based on your input. You can also submit your songs to streaming platforms and get paid when people listen to them.
Click here
to visit Boomy.


These are just some of the amazing AI tools for music creation that you can find online. There are many more out there waiting for you to discover them. I hope this post has inspired you to try some of them and unleash your musical potential. Remember, AI is not a replacement for human creativity, but a powerful ally that can enhance it.

Happy music making! 🎵

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