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HQ Instruments


  • 1.640 instruments for only $ 25!
    Special offer:
    for a limited time, you will get 950 additional instruments for free (sfz format, compatible with all samplers).
  • Available in 9 formats: Soundfont, Kontakt, Reason, Giga, Sampletank, Sfz, EXS24 (Logic), DirectWave (FL Studio) & wav
  • Compatible with all DAW software: FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, LMMs, Mixcraft, GarageBand, Logic…
  • Compatible with all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS…
  • 100% royalty free for any use
  • Inspiring sounds

Choose your format and make the payment (you will receive an email with download links):
You can get all the formats you want with a single donation, just contact us after make the payment.

We now have over 1.640 instruments classified in these categories:

  • Bass (acoustic, synth…)
  • Classic Grand Piano
  • Drum Machines
  • Electric Piano
  • GM Drum Kits
  • Guitars (nylon, acoustic & steel)
  • Orchestra (winds, brass, strings…)
  • Organs
  • Pads
  • Saxophones
  • Synth Sounds
  • Synth Sounds – Analog
  • World Instruments (Japan, India…)

Full list of instruments included (pdf)

Audio demos

– Orchestral: – Saxophones:
– Guitars: – Electric Pianos:
– Classic Grand Piano: – Synths:


  1. Sven Goerlach says:

    This instrument pack is amazing. not only have you gone through the lengths of making free VST’s for anyone to use, but you have gone above and beyond by producing this amazing pack. The instrument quality is amazing and will be well used in my music production.

    Thank You!

  2. Ryan says:

    DSK HQ Instruments is a MUST HAVE! Period! If you produce music and don’t have this, you’re simply wasting time and money. Absolutely awesome!

  3. Suavo says:

    For as low as $25 you cannot go wrong with these sounds! And whats great is that it allows you to load it into native plugins i.e DirectWave if you do not have Kontakt. A big shout out to the developer DSK Music.

  4. Jude Boaz says:

    100% WORHIT. So many realistic amazing sounds.

  5. Joe Coyle says:

    One of the biggest barriers to entry I’ve encountered with commercial music production is simply the cost. Plenty of free Kontakt samples out there, but Kontakt itself is $400. Almost all my money goes to my family, and I was feeling hopeless, like the quality of my music could never be sufficient because of the least common denominator–my arsenal of free VSTs from questionable sources.

    This was the missing link. With a MIDI-USB adapter for any old keyboard, Cakewalk by Bandlab (free DAW), and this sample pack, you could begin to make a serious income for the cost of dinner at a restaurant. I honestly can’t imagine buying another software instrument. THANK YOU!!!

  6. Jan Klincewicz says:

    These are an incredible bargain. I own a numbeer of VERY high-priced Sax and horn section VSTs, and these are every bit as good. Well worth the money, and the variety of formats is AMAZING !!!

  7. David Rysdam says:

    I spent two full evenings trying to find guitar plugins that would work in Ardour *on Linux*. They don’t seem to exist. (Even the DSK Guitar ones only support Windows/Mac.)

    THESE WORK FOR LINUX! I used the FluidSynth plugin to load the SF2. It. Just. Worked.

    Amazing and thank you.